All Assam Bengali Youth Students Federation(AABYSF) pays tribute to Radha Kumari

Radha Kumari
file photo

A Correspondent

DEMOW, July 15: The All Assam Bengali Youth Students (AABYSF) and Mahila Federation Demow Regional Committee paid tribute to Radha Kumari recently at Demow Kali Mandir. Radha Kumari’s body was recovered from the toilet of the Dibrugarh-Rangiya Kamakhya Express on July 10 when the train had stopped at Simaluguri Railway Station of Sivasagar district. In the tribute programme, Raj Ghosh, secretary of AABYSF Demow Regional Committee, Apu Dey, senior member, and Deep Chanda, member of AABYSF, Demow Regional Committee were present.

The AABYSF Demow Regional Committee demanded that both the accused in the two train murders should get strict punishment and that the Railways should provide full security to passengers, especially women, so that such incidents are not repeated again.