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AAKJSU demands ST status and autonomy

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TANGLA, June 14: The All Assam Kalita Jagosthi Students’ Union (AAKJSU) president Anupal Dutta Pathak during the Bajali district visit, in a meeting said that the Central Government and the State Government had to declared Scheduled Tribe (ST) status and autonomy to the Kalita Jagosthi people under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. Pathak said that if the Central Government and the State Government do not declare Scheduled Tribe (ST) status and autonomy then AAKSJU would protest against the government. They will send three lakh letters to the Prime Minister within August 8 regarding the demand and they will give a memorandum to the Chief Minister and request him to fulfill their demands within August 15. AAKSJU has also demand 40 per cent reservation for the Kalita Jagosthi students in colleges and 10 per cent reservation in Delhi University. They also want 35 per cent reservation in State Government jobs and 20 per cent reservation in Central Government jobs for the welfare of Kalita Jagosthi people. They have also demanded reservation in UPSC and APSC.

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