AAP questions modus operandi of cooperative chairman

Special Correspondent
Silchar, April 29: In a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar on Saturday, Aam Admi Party (AAP), Cachar district committee, has raised question about the method of operation of the chairman of the Fulbari Cooperative Society Limited just before the election to the body. It has been alleged that the chairman of the Society has been issuing and distributing share cards as well as voter identity cards whimsically and arbitrarily to share holders to attend and participate in the AGM and election of the Society. It is an exercise which is in total violation of the Section 49 (2) (C) of the Assam Cooperative Societies Act of 2007.
AAP has further alleged that it is for the first time that such a shady way of issuing voter identity cards and share holder cards has been taken up in a most shameful manner and openly. These cards are signed by the chairman and the secretary jointly. But, the chairman has no right to put signature on the share cards and voter identity cards of the society. This right has only been vested with the secretary as per the Act of 2007. Moreover, the chairman is a public representative and he has also expressed his willingness to contest the election. There is every reason to believe that the chairman in issuing the cards is playing a foul game to tilt the balance in his favour in the election.
The matter has also been brought to the notice of the zonal joint director of Cooperative Societies who has directed the assistant registrar to take necessary action in order to examine the issue in view of the allegations of the AAP. But, the indifferent attitude of the assistant registrar has raised question about his role in the matter. The members of AAP who include Anor Hussain Laskar, Mitali Das, Jasim Ahmed, Debangshu Choudhury and Rajan Nag among others have sought the immediate intervention of the Deputy Commissioner to resolve the complications created by the chairman before the AGM slated for May 15.