AAPSU alleges private institutes of misleading students


Itagar, June 16: Alleging that some private colleges and universities giving misleading advertisements promising free education outside the state, the All Aruchal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has appealed to the parents and students not to get carried away by such advertisements. The Union claimed that both the Union and the Director of Social Justice Empowerment & Tribal Affairs have received repeated complaints from the students about such educatiol institutes.  “The students and parents have to understand that scholarship programme is for every APST candidate who qualifies in the prescribed criteria of the department. No particular college is entitled for scholarship. Students from any college across the country can apply,” it stated. While claiming that some institutes like ITFT College Chandigarh, Vidyajyoti Group of Institutions and others are falsely claiming to be in collaboration with the department of Social Justice Empowerment & Tribal Affairs, the Union urged such institutes to desist from misleading the students, a press release informed here today.