AASU leader beaten up by public

A Correspondent
GOLAGHAT, May 23: Sensation prevailed in Golaghat when the chief adviser of Golaghat District Students’ Union was admitted at Swahid Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital after public beating on Monday evening. According to report, Golaghat AASU adviser Ratul Dutta was assaulted and beaten up by the public when Dutta went to demand money from non-Assamese businessman Anup Gupta. Sources said that on Tuesday evening, AASU leader Ratul Dutta went to Anup Gupta’s home at Railway Station road to take the demanded amount of money. A scuffle took place between Dutta and Anup Gupta’s family members. Local people then came to Gupta’s home and beat up the AASU leader.

Few days ago, there was theft in the clothes store of one Agarwalla of Golaghat town. There were allegations of the involvement of Anup Gupta and his family members in the theft. In relation to this incident, an AASU team under the leadership of Ratul Dutta on May 19 went to Anup Gupta’s home and demanded Rs. 50,000. But Gupta’s family agreed to give Rs. 30,000. On Tuesday, Golaghat AASU adviser Ratul Dutta came to take the agreed amount from Anup Gupta, but Gupta refused to give the money and the scuffle took place. Later, Golaghat Police admitted the AASU leader at Swahid Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital, Golaghat. In this regard, Golaghat Police arrested four persons, namely Anup Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Sunil Gupta and Amarnath Gupta.

On Wednesday, a team of Golaghat AASU came out to the market place and started vandalizing the business establishments of non-Assamese businessmen of Golaghat town. As many as 12 business establishments were vandalized in various places like Tokani Circle, Jamuna Market, Bata Point, Alupatty and Chowk Bazar of Golaghat town. The Golaghat AASU activists aggressively attacked non-Assamese business establishments and asked the non-Assamese businessmen to leave Golaghat.