Saturday Fare

Accolades to Birendranath Dutta

Dr Birendranath Dutta is a multifaceted genius with exceptional brilliance as a singer-composer. A trendsetter in Assamese modern music, he has made immense and invaluable contributions. An educationist, folk artiste, writer, art and film lover, his dedication towards music is unparalleled. His songs remain imprinted in one’s mind for a very long time. As an acknowledgement for his contributions, Dr Anjanjyoti Chowdhury, a physician by profession and a writer and singer as well, has presented a song sung by Naheed Afreen. The song titled ‘Jeevan Sangeetor Chanda Bichorajone Gaai’ with lyrics penned by Anuradha Das, tune by Tapan Lahkar and music arrangement by Rupam Talukdar. The song has been very well-received on the YouTube, with over two lakh followers. Anjanjyoti Chowdhury deserves appreciation for offering a tribute to this renowned artiste.