ACS alleges organizing committee of hurting tribal sentiments

From Our Correspondent

Itagar, Feb 23: The Aruchal Civil Society (ACS) has alleged that the organizing committee of the 31st Statehood Day cum Festival of Aruchal has completely destroyed the dignity of the state and demanded that the state government halt payments to the organizing committee until things are clarified.

In a communiqué, the ACS stated that the organizers should have depicted every major tribe and all sub-tribes of the state, but were uble to depict any of them properly. Besides this, the state flower, animal or bird has also not been properly advertized by the event magement team, it said. Someone who knows about the state and sentiments of people could have been entrusted rather than mere fincial qualifications, the ACS added.

‘Traffic magement was a horrible experience as there was no systematic parking space and few of the VIPs and influential people were allowed to drive up to the exhibition stalls, blocking all pedestrian movement. This is a pure case of “VIP racism” played out by the BJP party and its government in this tribal state of classless society,’ the ACS stated.

They went on to add, “Instead of promoting state artistes, Bollywood artists have been hired for extrapolated rates beyond their regular rate of hiring when the state is going through a fincial crisis. Also, the tenders for the event magement has been scripted in such a way that the local event magement people are kept at bay with unnecessary terms and conditions which is difficult for start ups in the state to fulfill. With a budget of over Rs 4.5 crore, the event could have been organized much better.”

The ACS also questioned the quality of stalls constructed for the event. Everyone knows the unpredictable weather in Aruchal/ Itagar. The organizers could have at least Googled the weather reports and accordingly the roofs could have been constructed with proper slopes for the rain water to drain out, besides few drain channels to pass out in case it rains. “People who have come all the way from districts to put up food and other stalls are having a bitter experience besides fincial losses. The food and other perishable items along with the decoration items for show have been damaged because of improper arrangements,’ the ACS added.