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Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan Quits

Patrick Shanahan

New York: Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan has quit as reports of a domestic violence incident from nearly nine years ago surfaced marring his chances for confirmation even as Washington readies for a possible confrontation with Iran. President Donald Trump also withdrew Shanahan’s nomination for the job at his request on Tuesday. He appointed Army Secretary Mark Esper to be the Acting Defence Secretary. The Defence Department has not had a permanent head since last December when Jim Mattis quit in protest against Trump’s plans to withdraw troops from Syria.

Police reports of the domestic incident said Shanahan was the victim in the 2010 incident. According to the Seattle police reports posted by the USA Today newspaper, which broke the story of his domestic problems, Shanahan had not been accused of attacking his then-wife but she was said to have hit him leaving a black eye and a bleeding nose. Although she was arrested, she was not prosecuted. The police report said that both of them had been drunk. Despite the police report clearing him, he would have had a difficult – and embarrassing – time. (IANS)


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