Adil Hussain hopes Assamese actor will play Hima Das on-screen

Adil Hussain
File Photo of Adil Hussain

Mumbai, July 29: Actor Adil Hussain is delighted that Akshay Kumar has expressed interest in making a biopic on sprinter Hima Das. He hopes an Assamese actor gets to play the part.

Reacting to a news article wherein Akshay has said he would like to make a biopic on “young achiever” Das, Adil tweeted: “That’s a good news.. But I hope that an Assamese actor is cast to play the role… Or maybe Hima Das herself should play the part!?”

A Twitter user was not pleased with the idea of a biopic on Das.
“Adil, please save her. She is precious. Tell your friends (Akshay) to stay away. This is not a good idea. Do what you like in 2030. August she has Jakarta, 2020 she has Tokyo. And do not forget in 2030 she will be just 30. Mary Kom was done after she got 5 medals.

“She is running her first senior international event and you all are disturbing her with talks of films and casting. A biopic can wait. Do it in 2030. If she fails and you dump the biopic, do you have any idea what damage it will have. This is track and field, not takes and retakes of Bollywood and a microsecond counts.” IANS