Adivasi blockade disrupts train services


KOKRAJHAR, Feb 22: Adivasi tiol Convention Committee (ANCC), a conglomeration of the ceasefire militant outfits of the Adivasi community   staged 12 hours Railway blockade at Kokrajhar Railway Station today from 6 am demanding ST status and solution the demands of Adivasis rebels outfits who are in ceasefire mode.

However, the blockade was shortened and ended at 12.30 pm.  Hundreds of activitsts of the community from different parts of the area assembled on Railway tracks, shouting slogans demanding ST status and tripartite talks with ceasefire militants group of Adivasi, like BSF, AAL, STF, APA NSLA outfits who are currently under ceasefire with the government of India for a long time.

Talking to reporters, Birsing Munda, general secretary of ANCC who is also C-in- C of BCF ceasefire group has strongly expressed resentment over the sil pace of peace talk with the militant outfits to bring amicable solution including the granting of scheduled tribe (ST) status to the Adivasis and to put pressure for early solutions of issue and demands of the ceasefire militant outfits of the community.

He slammed the NDA government in the centre and state government for failing to take measure for solution of the long standing demands of Adivasi community. He alleged that the government had given plenty of promises including ST status before election but they have failed to deliver their promises to the people.

Several trains including Up Brahmaputra Mail was stranded at New Alipur Duar, up-Gaya Express stranded at New Cooch-Bihar and Goods train at Choutara railway station.

UDALGURI: The Adivasi organisations have staged a 12-hour rail blockade at Udalguri railway station today. The train services to the Rangia-Rangapara section was paralyzed for the day due to the blockade. The NF Railway suspended all passenger trains in this route to avoid untoward incident with the picketers. Adivasis organization in support of their various demands including ST status to Adivasis of Assam, upgradation of L P School to High Schools in Adivasi domited area and tea garden areas, creation of Adivasi area development fund, and re-settlement and allotment of forest revenue village of Kokrajhar, Chirang and Golaghat. The activists of Adivasi tiol Council, All Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam, Adivasi Xahitya Xabha, Adivasi tiol Liberation Army, Birsa Commando Force supported the blockade.