Agra on 48-hour weather alert

 Agra, May 7: Strong surface winds followed by hail storm turned the weather here in Uttar Pradesh on Monday prompting an alert from the Met office for the next 48 hours till Wednesday. District Magistrate Gaurav Dayal issued a detailed advisory with “Dos and Don’ts”, gearing up for another deadly storm as the Met warned of high velocity winds and heavy showers in the region. The administrative machinery in the hinterland was also boosted up for any eventuality.

On Monday, Mainpuri, Firozabad and Mathura suffered heavy losses after winds over 100-kmph lashed the districts followed by the hail storm. In Mainpuri, a 11-year-old girl was killed as a tree fell on her. In Mathura, the squall damaged hoardings, snapped electric lines and uprooted a number of trees. The Met warning was already on for Monday and Tuesday. The April 11 and May 2 dust storms that devastated the entire Braj Mandal, took away 70 lives, injured hundreds and devastated properties worth in crores. (IANS)