Agricultural exhibition held at KVK Sonitpur

 A Correspondent
Tezpur, April 8: A day-long farmers’ fair-cum-agricultural exhibition was held at KVK Sonitpur campus on Saturday. The exhibition was iugurated by Dr DK Bora, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat. The exhibition was organized by 30 students of Assam Agricultural University studying B.Sc.(Agri) and stationed at KVK Sonitpur for  Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (RAWEP).
 RAWEP is a course curriculum framed by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for all undergraduate agricultural degree programme students for all Indian agricultural universities, which states that students must stay in villages for a semester under the supervision of KVKs or research stations to study the practical agriculture adopted by the farmers in a locality and this year the programme of RAWEP started in the month of January and will continue up to May. In this connection a meeting was held under the president ship of Dr PC Deka, Head, KVK, Sonitpur. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Bora highly lauded the efforts of students in organizing such an event and demonstrating the recent agricultural technology  for the benefit of the farming community. He also acknowledged the efforts of KVK Sonitpur scientific staff for guiding and supervising the rural work activities of the students in a systematic manner. More than hundred farmers and rural youths attended the programme.