Agriculture sector continues to be ‘neglected’

A Correspondent

Haflong, July 12: Though more than 75 per cent of the total population of the district of Dima Hasao constitute farmers and the present government is also keen to develop the agriculture sector, due to the indifferent attitude of the authority concerned, the farmers of Dima Hasao are still neglected, alleged the conscious citizens of Dima Hasao. In the district of Dima Hasao, long back an agriculture farm at Manderdisa was set up to encourage the farmers.

This was the most successful agriculture farm in the district producing a large quantity of vegetables. But of late, this farm has been neglected in such a way that many employees of the farm want to leave their jobs as the department has decided to operate the farm for only six months in a year. These employees, who have been working in the farm for the last eight years, are obviously finding it difficult to run their families now. They have appealed to the authority concerned not to discontinue the farm considering their plight and have sought steps to revive the fortunes of Manderdisa Agriculture Farm.