Ahom script finds place in Unicode Consortium

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, June 29: The news of the Ahom script finding a place in the Unicode Consortium has left the people of the Ahom community here cheerful. To mark the sense of joy, the members of Ahom History and Culture Research Institute (AHCRI), Dibrugarh held a press conference on Friday, and expressed their excitement over the script being declared the topmost in the South-East Asia category.

The members of the organisation also appealed to the people of the community to accord high importance to the script and keep it alive. Addressing the gathering, President of AHCRI Bharat Handique, said that it was a moment of pride that the Ahom and Chakma scripts could gain such high recognition, and added that the news should be spread across the length and breadth by the various indigenous Ahom organisations. The office bearers of AHCRI recalled the glorious legacy of the 600-year-long rule of the Ahom dynasty and the various contributions being made under the reign of the rulers. As such, they underscored the need to promote such a script, and also demanded the setting up of educational institutions having the Ahom language as their medium of instruction. At the same time, the need to preserve all indigenous languages of the state was also stressed upon. The conference was attended by senior members of the organisation including the General Secretary, Diganta Phukan.