Ali-aye-Ligang celebrated in Sivasagar


SIVASAGAR, Feb 17: Ali-aye-Ligang, the spring festival of Mishing ethnic community of Assam, was celebrated in Sivasagar on Wednesday in the traditiol spirit of brotherhood and harmony.

The festival is celebrated on the first Wednesday of the Assamese month Giinmur Polo (February-March). ‘Ali’ means root and seed, ‘aye’ is fruit and ‘Ligang’ is to sow. After the ceremonial sowing of the paddy seeds, the young boys and girls of the tribe danced ‘Gumrag’, ‘Oi:nitom’ to celebrate the occasion.

A cultural programme along with a grand feast was organized at Mishing Murong Ghar at Kangkan gar in Sivasagar as part of the celebrations, which also mark New Year (Anu Ditag) for the Mishings, with the partaking of delicacies prepared with dried fish and pork washed down with Poro Apong or rice beer.

During the festival the corps are respected with the people refraining from cutting them down and there is also no ploughing, fishing and burning of jungles.

To mark the occasion, people belonging to Mishing community of Sivasagar who achieved their superannuation successfully in 2016, were felicitated by the organizing committee of Sivasagar Bangke Mishing Dirbi Kebang, said yan Jyoti Yein, a member of the organizing committee.