‘Allow abortions to detained immigrant teens’

 Washington, March 31: A federal judge has issued a sweeping order temporarily preventing the US government from blocking access to abortion services for undocumented, pregnt teens in immigration custody. Judge Tanya S. Chutkan of US District Court on late Friday barred the government from “interfering with or obstructing” pregnt minors’ access to medical appointments, counselling, abortion procedures or other care”, writing that it infringed on their constitutiol rights, the Washington Post reported. “The administration cannot strip uccompanied immigrant minor children of their right to make their own reproductive choices,” Chutkan wrote in the decision. The order came in a case brought last year on behalf of a Central American girl in a ­government-funded shelter that set off a tiol debate over the constitutiol rights of such undocumented teens to termite their pregncies. The judge allowed the case to proceed as a class action on behalf of many other teens who crossed the border illegally and while in federal custody may want to seek abortion services. 

The Trump administration had refused to “facilitate” such procedures for pregnt teegers travelling alone on the grounds that they had the option to voluntarily return to their home countries or to find private sponsors in the US to assist them in obtaining procedures. (IANS)