Allow Observers to Witness North Korean Missile Base Dismantling: United States


Washington, July 25: The US has asked the North Korean regime to allow observers to witness the dismantling of the Sohae missile testing base, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said. When reporters in Palo Alto, California, asked Pompeo on Tuesday what further steps were needed by North Korea, the secretary of state said: “They need to completely, fully denuclearize. That’s the steps that Kim Jong-un (North Korean leader) committed to.”

Satellite photos published on Tuesday on the specialised website 38 North show that Pyongyang has begun dismantling the Sohae base, where the regime of Kim Jong-un builds engines for intercontinental ballistic missiles that supposedly have the range to hit US territory, Efe news reported. The process of dismantling the base has been proceeding without the presence of international observers, according to various media reports. US government officials later said that Sohae — in northwestern North Korea — was the base that would be closed. (IANS)