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Amend SC/ST Act after apex court ruling: Congress

 New Delhi, April 2: Blaming the Modi government for violence during protests by Dalits after the Supreme Court ruling on SC/ST Act, the Congress on Monday demanded the Centre bring an amendment to the said law in Parliament or file a “curative petition” in the apex court. The opposition party also claimed that the Centre was not interested in addressing the issues facing the Dalits, backward classes, minorities, the poor, youths, and farmers, while it was only interested in those “who make money”. “The government must immediately bring in an amendment in Parliament to take corrective measures. A review petition (in the Supreme Court) will go to the same people who gave the order. They (Centre) can also file a curative petition and the matter should be heard by a Full Bench in the Supreme Court,” Kharge said. He added: “The government is deliberately delaying the matter. We hope an amendment will be brought and the very purpose of the law would be protected and upheld.” Kharge said: “Whatever order the SC has given, Parliament can undo it through amendment in law. Even 13 days after the order, the Centre could not file a review petition. The government is responsible for weakening/diluting the law.” Senior Congress leader Ghulam bi Azad said the government did not take any step to ensure that the Act does not get diluted. (IANS)

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