An’ will inspire people to have pure thoughts, says An Hazare

Mumbai, June 28: Social activist An Hazare says “An”, a biopic on his life, will inspire viewers to lead a life with pure thoughts. He praised the film’s director and lead actor Shashank Udapurkar. “This film is not fictitious. It is not that the script is made out of imagition and then a film is made on it. This is practical. The film is based on what happened on the ground and because of this, there would be good weightage for the film,” Hazare said at a poster launch of the film here on Monday. A poster featuring a back shot of Udapurkar as An, addressing a gathering against the backdrop of lightning in the sky, was launched here. Hazare said: “There would be numerous messages getting conveyed through the film. After watching the film, a lot of people will receive inspiration, several workers will receive inspiration and they will all get the message to have pure thoughts and action and having a life without blemishes.” The film is produced by Manindra Jain. (IANS)