Annual conference and Ziyarat at Ajan Pir Dargah

SIVASAGAR, Feb 15: The serene campus of the shrine of Sufi saint Ajan Pir is all set to reverberate with Zikir and a message for universal brotherhood for two days from February 18 to February 19 as hundreds of devotees of different religions, sects, castes and geographical differences are participating in the annual spiritual conference and Ziyarat programme here. Situated at Saraguri Chapori, Dikhowmukh about 22 km from Sivasagar town, this shrine called Ajan Pir Dargah was built in the memory of Sufi saint Ajan Fakir, who in the 17th century descended from Baghdad and settled in the Dikhowmukh area of the district to reform, reinforce and stabilize Islam and to unify the indigenous people in the region. Along with prayers and lectures on Ajan Pir’s religious philosophy and universal brotherhood, a competition in the singing of Zikir in all Assam-level has been included in the two-day agenda. “Universal brotherhood and assimilation was propagated by the great saint. The objectives of the annual conference and ziyarat are to instill the spirit of remembering the great saint and to apply his preaching in our everyday life.  We hope the two-day programme will spread further the message of unity and peace among the citizens of religious, cultural and geographical differences,” said Imul Hazarika, general secretary of Hazarat Ajan Pir (Ra:) Dargah Sarif Magement Committee.