Anomalies in distribution of rice alleged


Silchar, Feb 11: Scams, swindles and scandals have sapped the vitality of the country and pushed its people into, as Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in his The Discovery of India, ‘the murky waters of Indian life’. Assam is no exception in this regard. There has been an allegation that there has been an irregularity in distributing rice at subsidized rates as prescribed by the Government. Grahak Suraksha Samiti, Cachar, which is a mouthpiece of consumer’s rights, has been most vocal in this regard. Of lately, it has been alleged that 10 lakh ghost tea labourers have been benefitted and this issue was brought into limelight by Terash, BJP MLA in one of the sessions of Assam Legislative Assembly. He put the question in particular to Pallab Lochan Das, Tea Tribes Welfare Minister.

 Members of the Samiti raised this issue in the media on July 2014, but they had to remain content with no response. It seems, as alleged by the Samiti, exploitation of the poor folks will always reign supreme and will occur as a regular phenomenon. The leaders, as stated in the press release by the members of the Samiti, instead of serving the tion and its people, have been playing the role of suckers of the blood of poor. There are anomalies not only in distribution of rice but also in wheat flour. The members have requested for a CBI investigation in this matter so that the anomalies can be unearthed and the guilty punished.