Anomalies in Silchar TT College alleged


 SILCHAR, June 27: Educationists of Barak Valley have focused on certain glaring anomalies being encouraged by the Directorate of State Council of Educatiol Research and Training (SCERT) in Silchar TT College. According to them, B.Ed. colleges are affiliated to universities and recognized by the tiol Council for Teachers’ Education (NCTE), Government of India. The Centre spends millions of rupees on graduate teacher training programmes and colleges seek grants from the UGC. But, in only one state of the country, Assam, these colleges are governed by the Elementary Education Department and that too from the time of former Chief Minister Pafulla Kumar Mohanta led government.

 Prior to that, all B.Ed. colleges were looked after by the Department of Higher Education in Assam an in other states. The end result is that these colleges are deprived of UGC grants, representation in the respective university bodies, funds allotted by the union government towards higher education and many other benefits. The educationists with their long experiences and observations as well as interactions with their counterparts in other parts of the country have found discrepancies in the system of B Ed education in Assam.

 In order to bring about a sort of symmetry and uniformity, it has been pleaded that all the colleges should be brought back under the Higher Education Department where the rules and requirements of the universities, NCTE and UGC are better followed and given effect to. Teacher educators in government B.Ed. colleges are respectable public servants who are appointed in public interest by the state government. But, ‘attachment’ of teacher educators of one college to other colleges does not serve well the cause of higher education like B.Ed.

 For instance, of the 12 sanctioned posts in Government Teachers’ Training College (TTC), Silchar, only 6 are on record. In fact, the College has only 3 teachers on roll including one principal-in-charge, who too is going to retire in July, 2016. Three faculty members are ‘attached’ to other colleges in Brahmaputra Valley which, in fact, is to serve their individual interests and not that of higher education or students. Strong pleas have been made by educationists to appoint such faculty members in the TT College here who would serve better the interests of education.

 It has been a great fallacy that some teachers draw their salary from this college but serve elsewhere in the me of education and public interests. It is also most pathetic and ironical that even guards, peons, cleaners and sweepers in this College are appointed from far off places like Goalpara and gaon as if there is scarcity of such persons in this valley. This is being done at the direction of the Directorate of SCERT, they have alleged.

 Moreover, the Director in Kahilipara cannot be the appointing authority of grade IV employees in a post graduate government college in Barak Valley in flagrant violation of rules and regulations. Educationists in general have strongly objected to such malpractices being encouraged by the Directorate of SCERT. They have brought all these glaring anomalies to the attention of Himanta Biswa Sarma, Minister of Education, through a memorandum sent recently and sought his intervention for remedial action. Significantly, Prof. Dilip Kumar Dey, former principal of TT College here, has articulated these views on behalf of the agitated educationists of this valley.