Anti-snake Venom injected for the first time into a patient at Demow Community Health Centre

Anti-snake Venom
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A Correspondent

DEMOW: For the first time in a CHC in Assam, the Anti-snake Venom (ASV) was injected into a patient at the Demow Community Health Centre (CHC) on Tuesday. According to a health officer of Demow Community Health Centre (CHC), a 75-year old man was having severe pain and swelling in his left leg after he was bitten by a snake. On Tuesday, the patient came to Demow CHC and then Dr. Surajit Giri, an anaesthesia specialist, along with his team injected the ASV. The patient is fine now but under observation in Demow CHC. In a CHC, nobody injects ASV injection due to allergy and its side-effects.


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