APPDSU appeals for immediate release of enhanced stipend

From Our Correspondent

Itagar, Feb 21: The All Papum Pare District Students’ Union (APPDSU) has demanded that the state government immediately release the enhanced stipend rate of students studying in government schools from class I to XII, which is allegedly pending till date. For classes I to V, the amount is Rs 800, for classes VI to VIII it is Rs 900, and for classes IX to XII, the stipend amount is Rs 1100, it informed.

“The students’ community of Aruchal Pradesh wants answers from the state government, especially from the Education Minister, Director of Higher and Technical Education, Director of Elementary Education, Director of School Education and State Project Director SSA on why the payment of students’ stipends are kept pending each academic year”, said the APPDSU. They expressed surprise that stipend of students studying in government schools have not been paid for the academic year 2016 to 2017. “How can 10 months of stipend be kept pending when the new academic session is about to start? The Education Minister is answerable to this partial treatment meted out to the poor APST students studying in government schools, colleges and university and to the students pursuing higher studies who are dependent on the stipends,” the APPDSU stated.

The Union has requested the state government and Education Department and to the minister concerned to not play with the sentiments of poor students and to stop doing business with the funds meant for the welfare of the APST students and development of the government schools, colleges and university.