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Artiste Couple’s Murder Suspect Nabbed by Sivasagar Police



JOYSAGAR/DEMOW, July 19: The main accused linked to the mysterious death of artiste couple Rajani and Rubi Khargharia, were finally nabbed by Sivasagar Sadar Police on Wednesday night. Acting on a tipoff, Sivasagar Sadar DSP P Sonowal and SI U Tamang nabbed the main accused, Debasish Khargharia and Gitashree (the son and daughter-in-law of the deceased Khargharia couple), from the Lachit Nagar area of Guwahati on Wednesday night. The accused were brought to Sivasagar Sadar PS on Thursday. The bodies of the elderly couple were recovered by their neighbours from their rented house in AT Road Sivasagar on July 1.