Arunachal Pradesh: Nabam Rebia Urges for Protection of Forest, Wildlife

Nabam Rebia
Nabam Rebia

A Correspondent

HOLLONGI: The Minister of Environment and Forest, Social Justice and Land Management, Nabam Rebia advice the people to protect forest, wild animal and water sources, while attending a lunch party here today at Mama Nursery Upper Hollongi Village, organized by the Upper Hollongi Village Welfare Committee (UHVWC).

Appreciating the steps taken by UHVWC to protect forest, wild life, by banning hunting , fishing and illegal cutting forest at area, Minister Rebia said that protection of forest wild life and river is very important to save ecological imbalance.

Stating that Hollongi is the best place to live, he said that nature has given everything to the people of Hollongi and hence the people should respect nature and protect the natural resource.