ASDC seeks steps to restore peace


A Correspondent
Diphu, July 4: The Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC), in a press conference held at the ASDC office in Diphu on Tuesday, said that since the incident of killing of two youths on June 8, the situation in Kangthilangso area had not returned to normal. “The poor and innocent dwellers are passing a hard time. They are traumatized and ostracized, both physically, economically and mentally, due to search operation by the police to arrest the culprits. Police have sealed the area since then and till date connection between the villagers of Panjuri PS in Dokmuka and that of others areas remains cut-off,” said ASDC leaders like Jotson Bey, general secretary, and Chomang Kro V, ASDC president, at the press conference. “June and July is the main season of cultivation. But the innocent villagers of Kangthilangso area cannot cultivate their crops due to fear psychosis. Fear continues to haunt the villagers prior to the killing incident due to the rumours of child lifters all over Assam. Police arrested more than 45 suspected culprits in connection with the killing during the last month. Under such circumstances, the villagers are deprived of all normal activities as citizens of a free and democratic country,” they added.
The ASDC urged the State government to take necessary measures to bring back peace and normalcy in those areas. ASDC also urged the Assam State Human Rights Commission to constitute a fact-finding committee to enquire about the infringement of basic human rights.