Ashruko Choudhury : A tribute

Ashruko Choudhury, who breathed her last on January 27 at Dhubri, was a reputed teacher and a persolity enriched with humane qualities. A resident of ‘Salkocha House’ of Dhubri, she was a retired teacher who taught in BC Memorial School, an old and famed educatiol institution of the erstwhile Goalpara district. She was also the President of the Maging Committee of the school for quite a long time. She was associated with various socio-cultural organizations like ‘Dhuburi mghar’ and Dhuburi Mahila Samiti’.

Being a large-hearted lady, she was kind and affectiote to man-animal alike. Exceptiolly fond of pets, she once had a big family of domesticated animals like cows, dogs and cats in her residence. She was also fond of reading books and jourls. In her youth, she was very active in dancing, singing, stitching and gardening. She helped people in their hour of need.

As she was my cousin, the daughter of my mother’s elder sister, I called her ‘Bardi’ (the eldest sisiter). We, her cousins, can never forget the love and affection Bardi showed towards us all. Today, on her Adyashraddha, I pray to the Almighty for the eterl peace of her departed soul.

—Rupam Barua