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Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan- A Mumbai cab driver that turns Internet’s newest hero!

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Mumbai: The story of a cab driver in Mumbai has once again compelled people, especially the social media users to give it a re-think that there are humble and honest cab drivers too in this world. At a time when the incidents of unruly, ill-mannered, molester and rapist cab drivers are rotting the name of everybody else associated with this profession, exceptional names like Asif Iqbal Abdul Gaffar Pathan are also there that compels one to think that there are genuine drivers as well.

This Mumbai cab driver has turned out to be Internet’s newest hero all of a sudden with good words and praises showering for him. Pathan in one of those unspoken heroes who like every other good and genuine human being would have remained unnoticed had he not met Papa Sierra (as is the profile name of a Twitter user). Sierra had happened to travel by Pathan’s cab one evening while he was heading to a pub to celebrate his birthday with his wife.

As per Sierra’s words, they had a good chat with Pathan on their way to the pub and things were going well till then. But the real issue occurred then when Sierra and his wife got off the cab and entered the pub. Almost after an hour, Sierra realized that he has lost his wallet somewhere. Considering it to be left in the cab only, he calls back to Pathan and Pathan too let him know that he has recovered the wallet and has kept it carefully with him. Pathan even added that he will return the wallet on his way back on the same night.

Pathan then returns to give the wallet back to Sierra and wished him a happy birthday. However, the shock for Sierra was to know it that it was Pathan’s birthday too and his family was waiting for him to celebrate his birthday. A cab driver driving his birthday, being honest and true to his professions and especially to his customers and thinking of coming back to return a wallet when his family is also waiting for him is something very rare and unusual. This made Sierra share his story on Twitter that resulted in loves and good words pouring in for the cab driver.


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