Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC) On Job To Popularize Science


GUWAHATI: ASTEC (Assam Science Technology and Environment Council) is on the job to erase from students’ minds one of the prominent negatives – science is not everyone’s cup of tea.

In order to make science popular among the students, ASTEC has taken a number of measures. One of the steps taken up by the Council is adoption of HS schools by colleges that have the science stream. In its initiative, ASTEC has roped in 13 colleges having science stream. Each of the 13 colleges has adopted four higher secondary schools to make science popular among the students. Under the initiative, college teachers teach students of class IX and X the art of solving problems of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology for three months.

Delving deep into the problem, ASTEC official Dr. Joydeep Baruah said: “Most of the students grow a negative attitude towards science for not getting into the subject matter while being promoted to class IX from Class VIII. This phenomenon is more glaring in rural areas than in urban ones. This is the reason why we’ve laid more emphasis on rural areas in our intiative.”

ASTEC has already paid Rs 1.45 lakh to each of the 13 colleges for adopting HS schools. The initiative has started instilling interests among the colleges in Barpeta, Kamrup, Nagaon etc districts.