At Various Places of Dibrugarh Town Attempt to Repair Potholes of NH-37 Mere Eyewash?


A Correspondent

Dibrugarh, July 26: Not even a month has passed since the General Manager of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL), following the orders of Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, attempted to get the terrible potholes of NH-37 repaired at various places of Dibrugarh town. Yet, the repairs have started giving way to potholes, thus rendering the entire exercise futile and an eyewash.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the condition of the highway at many places, including Chaulkhowa, Naliapool, Panchali and Gabharupathar, is fast going back to square one. Moreover, the temporary measures of repairing that the authority undertook since the government orders were issued, lasted only for a short time, with the contractors calling their work off even before the matter went out of limelight. The 30-hour deadline that was set by the Chief Minister before NHIDCL to mend the total stretch from Barbaruah to Chaulkhowa has ended being a travesty, as many damaged portions of the NH-37 were not even touched, let alone restoring them to national standards.

The potholes which were poorly filled with some concrete and sand, have started causing inconvenience to the public all over again. This seemingly half-hearted attempt of the government towards solving a pivotal issue of this kind has left the people bewildered as well as discontent. Many have questioned the political will of the government, and asked whether any measures would be initiated by the Sonowal government against the officials who did not honour the specified deadline.