Auniati Xatra to set up Spiritual University

Auniati Xatra



GAURISAGAR: Auniati Xatra, one of the premier cultural hubs which flourished under the royal patronage of Ahom kings, will set up a spiritual university. In this connection, a public meeting was held at its Kaliapani Sakha Xatra, Teok in Jorhat district recently.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Pitambor Deva Goswami, Xatradhikar of the Auniati Xatra. In the meeting, Dr. Dambarudhar Nath, Dr Ratul Borah, Sunaram Burahbhakat, Naba Kumar Deka Baruah, Indrajeet Baruah, Tilak Borah and Tuwaram Khanikar expressed their views regarding establishment of a spiritual university by Auniati Xatra. A good number of disciples of the xatra hailing from Dirak, Jagun, Sadia, Doomdooma and Dhemaji participated in the meeting.

In the meeting, a resolution was adopted to establish a spiritual university at Auniati Xatra, Kaliapani premises. Dr Pitambor Deva Goswami expressed his satisfaction at the initiative of the disciples and well-wishers of the xatra to establish a spiritual university.

Elaborating the role of the xatra in promoting education since its inception, Dr Goswami said that the xatra had been playing a significant role since the period of former Xatradhikar, Dutta Deva Goswami. Dr Pitambor Deva Goswami opined that the proposed university would led an intellectual movement in Assam. The proposed university will be run by a trust. Already a trust has been constituted in the name of Auniati Xatra University having its head office at Majuli.

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