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Axom Xahitya Xabha raises Concern over Decline in Assamese Speaking Population

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Guwahati: Concerning the decline of Assamese language people in the state, Axom Xahitya Xabha, the state’s Apex Literary body and seven other tribal literary organizations hold a meeting today in Guwahati. In the meeting, the State Government has been given two-month ultimatum to start communication pertaining to departmental work in Assamese, as per The Assam Official Language Act, 1960.

Sabha’s President, Parmananda Rajbanshi says, “The latest Census data is surprisingly worrying us. In a recent census report, the use of Assamese language has declined to 48.38%. We now give ultimatum to Assam Government, Gauhati University and Dibrugarh University as well to popularize the use of Assamese and other indigenous languages. If they do not adopt an urgent step now to enhance the language from school level to university level, then, it may further decline to 25% in the 2021 census”.

In addition, the Sabha official said, “We set forward a new language policy. Our policy will be beneficial for Assamese as well as the language of all communities of literary bodies”.