AXX’s Sivasagar centery session

From a Correspondent
JOYSAGAR, Feb 4: Preparations are on to celebrate the Axam Xahitya Xabha (AXX)’s Sivasagar centery session.  The historic Jerenga Pather of Sivasagar now seems like a land of unity in diversity. Lack of sufficient fund is creating some problems for the organizing committee, said the committee’s general secretary Juga Gogoi.   Meanwhile, Ahom Royal Society working president Kamala Rajkonwar, in a press statement said that they were very happy to hear that renowned writer and former AXX president Lakhindan Bora had been invited to preside over the open session of the centery celebration. Meanwhile, the Ujjani Asom Muslim Kalyan Parishad said that the members of the organization would help the reception committee in smooth conduct of this great literary festival.