Bajali administration seals multiple shops

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A Correspondent

PATHSALA, July 15: The Bajali administration on Friday conducted a drive, led by SDO (Civil) Vijay Bhaskar Reddy P and Pathsala Town Committee, to check trade licenses, GST and other documents. In the daily bazar many people had not paid their rent for months to Pathsala Town committee. The notable defaulters are Sanjib Roy, Bakul Talukdar, Dilip Talukdar, Apurba Das, Subal Talukdar, Riten Talukdar and Ashok Roy. Their shops were sealed by the administration until payment of dues. Temporary trade licenses were also given to many shops who have not registered, giving them one-month time to complete formalities. Furthermore, shop owners were also requested to register for GST and to use dustbins.