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Ban on Condom Advertisements


The Delhi High Court dismissed a plea seeking lifting of a ban on condom advertisements between 6 am and 10 pm. The plea was dismissed by the court, saying that it was a policy decision of the government and that the bench could not intervene into the matter. The ban, however, must be lifted as the usage of condoms within our country is very low. There must be steps taken to ensure that the people are aware about the use of condoms and young adults must have access to such information as well. The plea laid emphasis on the non-usage of condoms being directly related to the spread of various sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV-AIDS, syphilis, etc.

The petitioner also sought for the Court’s direction to set up a board or a committee to review advertisements which may be ‘indecent’ or ‘vulgar’. It is evident that every nook and corner is a clear display of increasing population. There are clear indications of how overpopulated our country is. Various studies have projected that India will easily surpass China to become the world’s most populated country by 2025. Increasing awareness for the use of contraceptives, methods of family planning and sex education are necessary to curb the rapid growth of population in our country.

Rifa Deka,

Royal School of Communications and Media,
Royal Global University,
Guwahati, Assam