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Bangladeshis’ Unlawful Entry

FILE - In this Wednesday, May 20, 2015 file photo, migrants wait to be be rescued by Acehnese fishermen on their boat on the sea off East Aceh, Indonesia. Many of the thousands of migrants abandoned at sea in Southeast Asia this month are Rohingya Muslims who fled their home country of Myanmar. The Rohingya are a Muslim minority in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, also known as Burma. Numbering around 1.3 million, they are concentrated in western Rakhine state, which neighbors Bangladesh. (AP Photo/S. Yulinnas, File)

33 suspected illegal Bangladeshi migrants were held by TAYPA, AJYCP, Jagun Police & locals, who later, sent them to Namchik Gate, Arunachal Pradesh (AP), being upset with the act of deporting unlawful Bangladeshi entrants to Assam by AP Police. Approx. 60 were detained by AP Police for not having Inner Line Permit (ILP) & valid documents. Locals alleged the illegal migrants intend to slink into Assam, mainly Tinsukia distt. to get employed in the illicit coal depots.