Barak smells 'conspiracy' in NRC legacy data anomalies

  From Our Correspondent

  Silchar, April 18: The process for NRC update has begun in Barak Valley, but the “howlers” in legacy data have left many in troubles.

  The people are experiencing problems as the legacy data stored in the government website are allegedly “problematic”. A few cases of abnormalities have already to light in Barak Valley.   Hamid Raja, son of Abbas Ali, is a resident of Algapur part II of circle number 32 under Lakhipur LA constituency. He has been living in the village for the last many decades. But, he is shown to be a resident of Dungrepar in the legacy data stored in the website.   This information was divulged by Rashid Ahmed Mazumder, a former employee of Cachar DRDA and now a social activist.

  On March 17, 2015, Hamid Raja brought out the certified copy of 1966 voters’ list where he was shown to be a resident of Algapur part II. But, in legacy date, his resident is shown to be at Dungrepar.

  This mismatch has triggered a sense of concern and disappointment among the people, who suspect a conspiracy being hatched against them by a section to harass them in the me of NRC update.

  Hamid Raja’s case is not alone as reports of such abnormalities are being poured in from various parts of the valley. Many said that in such cases the less educated villagers would become nervous. Despite being living for few generations in a place, people are shown to be a resident of different places which they never even heard of.   Rashid Ahmed Mazumder asked why the me of the place was changed in the legacy data, when it is correctly written in the origil 1966 voters’ list. He said that a section was active to harass the Bengali speaking people living in Assam during NRC update. According to him, the place of the resident is changed “intentiolly”.

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