BBCI participates with Tata Memorial Hospital for quality patient care

GUWAHATI, Feb 11: Dr B Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) participated in virtual tumor board conducted by Tata Memorial Hospitals, Mumbai, a press release said. Complicated cancer cases were discussed to decide upon further steps for precise diagnosis and to evolve uniform guidelines for treatment.  

The virtual tumor board discussed diagnostic and magement issues related to certain gynecological cancers, and tumors of soft tissue and bones. The program was attended by faculties, post graduate students, and fellows from BBCI, Guwahati. Dr Amal Chandra Kataki, Director of BBCI stated that, the virtual tumor board provided a platform for learning and to decide uniform treatment protocols for patients comparable to the best prevailing practice in the world. Dr Kataki complimented Dr Shekhar Basu, Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission and Dr R A Badwe, Director of Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai for making this dream to connect all cancer treatment centers in the country into a reality.  Dr Kataki further appealed to all the cancer treatment centers in the North Eastern region to join in the tiol Cancer Grid network to ensure uniform standard of cancer care. This virtual tumor board will take place on a regular basis.

The Intertiol Agency for Research on Cancer projected that the burden of cancer in India is likely to almost double with an estimated 10 lakh new cancer cases in 2012 to about 17 lakh in 2035. Similarly, the number of cancer deaths is expected to rise from 680,000 in 2012 to 12 lakh in 2035.

Decreased survival in developing countries is likely due to a combition of advanced stage at diagnosis, limited access to quality cancer care, and the ibility of patients to afford optimum treatment. Therefore there is a growing need to create awareness of cancer as a treatable disease amongst patients and primary care physicians, making cancer care available to patients at their door steps and identifying innovative, cost effective method of diagnosis and treatment.