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Bear Grylls in real life! Meet this 20-year-old man who has faced death 3 times in four years

Little did the 20-year-old Colorado native Dylan McWilliams know that he would again fall prey to an attack in just 4 years. This time Dylan was attacked by a shark off the coast of Hawaii. Earlier, he was attacked by a bear and bitten by a rattlesnake, all in a span of less than four years.

Dylan McWilliams, a survival training instructor, was bodyboarding off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii on 19th April when he was attacked by what he believed to be a tiger shark. According to local media reports, the 6 to 8 feet long shark took a bite on his leg. He was then able to swim 30 meters back to shore and seek help from bystanders who then called the paramedics.

Dylan received seven stitches on his leg merely a few months after he received nine staples on his head following an attack by a black bear during his Colorado summer camp in July 2017. During his summer camp, Dylan was woken up by a bear who was biting the back of his head. It then mauled him only to let go after he punched it and poked its eye.

He said “I guess I was just in the wrong spot in the wrong time.” His first face-off was with a rattlesnake during a Utah hiking trip when he was bitten and fell ill for a couple of days. His taste for action and adventure resembles the likes of popular survival reality show host Bear Grylls who has earned a fame for doing what many consider as impossible.