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Ayurvedic Hair Hacks

Make Your Own Ayurvedic Shampoo

You can use Triphala powder with other ayurvedic ingredients to make your own shampoo and clean your hair.
* You need Reetha (soap nut), Shikakai and Triphala Churna.
* Keep the Reetha balls in water for overnight and then peel off the skin.
* Make it dry enough to form a powder on grinding.
* Take adequate quantity (3 – 4 spoons full). Of Shikakai powder. Henna powder, Triphala Churna and Reetha powder in each in a bowl and mix it in dry condition. Your home made herbal shampoo is ready to use.
* First, wet your hair then take the require quantity of this mixed powder (as per your hair length) and gently rub on the scalp and along the hair length.
* You will find gentle foam with a sweet fragrance. After, you clean your hair, wash it off.

Benefits: This herbal shampoo consists of all the benefits of Triphala and other herbs, that have proven to be useful for the nourishment of hair & growth. This herbal shampoo will keep your hair strands’ moisturizing level in balance as it contains no harsh detergents so that you will feel the softness as always.
Moreover, it works as a cleanser and makes your hairs clean from all dust and dead cells and leaves your hair silkier and shiner for a long time. The shampoo is preservative free and hair friendly, so you can use whenever you need for a wash. It is also a better solution for hair fall and hair loss as it makes hair smooth and supple.

For Hair Moisturizing & Conditioning

* Add Triphala powder with adequate Mehendi powder to condition your hair
* Apply this paste once in a month so that you can get a long lasting shining and smoothness for your hair.
Benefits: This mixture of two beneficial powders will retain the moisturizer and condition your hair and prevent hair greying and roughness.