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Behdienkhlam festival concludes

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  12 July 2015 12:00 AM GMT


SHILLONG, July 11: Behdienkhlam, a four-day festival of the Jaintia tribals or pr people concluded on Saturday. Thousands of faithfuls took part in the festival.

Twelve raths (chariots) emating from different localities of Jowai town were immersed in Aitr. These raths carried different depictions - right from protection of the environment to human values.

Revelers who are part of the traditiol imtre were seen participating in a ritualistic expression to overcome the destructive forces of ture including diseases and an invocation to God for a good harvest.

Considered as one of the important festivals of the State, it is celebrated during mid-July every year after the sowing season is over.

“Khlam” means ‘Plague or Pestilence’ and “Beh Dien” means to drive away the plague with sticks and religious fervor.

Earlier today, the ‘Symbud Khnong’ a log of great length was brought which thousands people throng to get a chance to touch it.

It is believed that by touching the Khnong, it will protect them from all sorts of sicknesses besides prosperity in their works and businesses.

Behdienkhlam is not all about driving away sickness but to also drive away such social evils that are inflicting the society.

The climax of the celebrations is the carrying of a large trunk known as ‘Khnong’ by the niamtre faithful to Aitr.

People would run towards the Khnong to touch it as it is believe that by touching the Khnong it would bring them good health and prosper in their work and economic life.

Religious rites and sacrifices at the sacred pool precede the immersion ceremony in the early hours of the morning.

The festival was also witnessed Deputy Chief Minister RC Laloo, Deputy CEM of the JHADC A Shullai, Additiol DC West Jaintia Hills DM Wahlang, Acting Doloi Puramon Kynjin besides other dignitaries.

Addressing on the occasion, Laloo said, “It gives me immense pleasure to participate in the celebration of this important festival of the state.”

He also hoped that festival will bring peace, progress, a rich harvest and prosperity.

In the evening ‘datlawakor’, a football match played with a rounded wooden ball, is played between two teams from the upper and lower valleys of the Myntdu River.

The side that wins is believed to be blessed with a good harvest of the year. The Daloi or the traditiol chief acts as referee in the match.

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