Bharat bandh evokes no response in Dibrugarh

 A Correspondent

Dibrugarh, April 2: The Bharat bandh that was called on Monday by several Dalit organizations in protest against the alleged dilution of the SCs/STs Act, did not have much of an impact in Dibrugarh. While reports of skirmishes came from different parts of the country, no such untoward incidents were reported here. Barring one or two stray cases of burning of tyres on the highway, vehicular traffic and daily life largely remained uffected by the bandh. Commercial establishments were also open throughout the day. 
Nevertheless, as the bandh did impede the normal operations in Tinsukia, the effect of that trickled down to Dibrugarh. Many passengers here had to cancel their plans to go to Tinsukia, and as such, faced a certain degree of inconvenience.