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Bharat Petroleum Plant in Mumbai’s Chembur catches fire, No casualties reported

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Bharat Petroleum Fire Accident in Mumbai’s Chembur

A massive fire broke out at a Bharat Petroleum plant in Mumbai’s Chembur today in the afternoon.

Although the fire caused a huge explosion and locals reported earthquake -like jolt, no reports of injury or death have been received.

Monorail services have been halted and nearby villages have been evacuated.

“Due to tremendous heat and build up pressure, fire Fighting is being carried out from safe distance and using fixed monitors  “, said chief fire officer PS Rahangdale.

The fire first broke out in the hydrocracker unit of the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) refinery. The hydrocracker unit is the place where crude oil is refined.

The hydrocracker unit, which was set up at Mahul Refinery and is now engulfed in flames, was installed as part of the refinery’s up gradation to produce clean automotive fuels, a BPCL official said.

Fire occurred at BPCL Mumbai Refinery at Mahul plant today at around 2.45pm. The fire was in the Compressor shed of Hydrocracker plant. The fire is being fought by The Refinery firefighting team. The fire is still on but is under control. There has been minor injury sustained by 2 people. They were attended at our Refinery Medical Centre and are being taken to hospital for further treatment “ said Bharat Petroleum Spokesperson.