Bhojpuri Parishad observes 10th foundation day

Our Correspondent
Silchar, April 8: In a bid to strengthen the bond of love and affection among the Bhojpuris of this region, the 10th foundation day of Akhil Assam Bhojpuri Parishad (AABP) was organized on a grand scale at Gandhi Bhawan, Silchar recently.  In his speech, Sanjeev Roy, vice president of the state committee of the Parishad and also a member of the reception of the celebration committee said, “22 lakh Bhojpuris are residing in the state of Assam. The 10th foundation day is going to be a landmark year. This is a perfect platform for Bhojpuri people to mingle and interact with each other.” Sanjeev Roy pointed out that despite living in the various parts of the region; Bhojpuris are facing a host of problems in their day to day life.
“This event will try to focus on these issues and bring them into limelight. I am hopeful that one day or the other, their problems will cease to exist,” he added to say. Hindi Bhashi Unyan Parishad’s chairperson and advisor Poroshuram Dubey said, “Bhojpuris, for a long time, have been ignored and disregarded. The various socio cultural economic and political issues have to be solved through democratic means only. The Constitution of our country provides rights for the Bhojpuris also. It is high time that they should come forward and fight for their rightful place and position.” Poroshuram further said that a series of protests and movements would be launched against both the Central and the state government if further discrimition is done to them. Giving a clarion call to the Bhojpuris, former Minister Ajit Singh said, “They should remain united and fight for their right.”