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Bihu celebrated across State


Dibrugarh, April 16: The first day of Bohag, the beginning of the Assamese New Year, was graciously welcomed by the people here with great gusto. Like always, one of the most important festivals of the State was seen acting as a great unifier, bringing together different religions into the folds of the celebrations. Agriculture is the lifeline of Assam, and Bihu essentially being an agriculture-based festival, isn’t confined to a particular community, but holds a special place in the deep recesses of everyone’s heart. 
This unity can be best seen in many Bihu Sanmilans, which are organised with due support and consultation of a wide variety of people. Young boys and girls, regardless of their religious beliefs, gleefully took part in the Bihu performances held under the patronage of the Sanmilans. One such Bihu Sanmilan was held at the premises of Baghmibar Nilamani Phukan Higher Secondary School, popularly known as George School, on Sunday. The rhythmic beats of the dhol, the irresistible sound of the pepa, and the evergreen Bihu songs were enough to make the gathering put on its dancing shoes. Husori groups were also seen in many places of the town. While some of these groups put up their performance at the respective village namghars, the others took their exploits to individual households, earning acclamation as well as admiration. The celebratory aspect apart, the day was also marked with scores of people visiting temples, namghars, and other places of worship, seeking blessings of the plenipotentiary for the year ahead. 
DEMOW: Under the patronage of All Tai Ahom Students’ Union (ATASU), Demow Regional Committee in Association with Former ATASU leaders, Mukoli Bihu was organized in Demow Public Playground on Sunday with a daylong programme. As per schedule, the programme started with bihuwan. Flag of ATASU was hoisted by the president of the organizing committee Biraj Borgohain, and ATASU president Jayanti Gogoi. 
The moidam tarpan was offered in Raichai by the working president of the organizing committee Rituraj Sensua. The senior citizens of Demow and its surrounding areas were felicitated and Bihu special food items were distributed. After that the egg fight competition was also organized. Former MLA of Thowra Constituency Sushanta Borgohain was also present in the programme.
Gohpur: Gohpur regional AASU in collaboration with the people of various communities celebrated Rongali bihu and Bareboroniya Sanskritik samaroh in Gohpur. A colourful cultural ceremony, Bareboroniya Sanskritik samaroh was held in Chaiduar College playground on Saturday evening. Assistant general secretary of AASU central committee Duldul Borkotoky, AASU central organizing secretary Pragyan Bhuyan, AASU leaders Dhruba Jyoti Borah, Bhubaneswar Tanti along with the leaders of ethnic students organization have attended the programme. The cultural session was inaugurated by presenting a group bihu dance where the participants of bihu workshop lead by AASU and Jonbai Bihu team took part.  ‘Tezpuriya Thespian’- a well-known cultural team of Assam performed. Dibyajyoti Bhuyan and Utpal Baruah, the president and general secretary of Gohpur regional AASU urged everyone to maintain brotherhood among all the communities of Assam forever and wished everyone on the occasion of Assamese new year.
LAKHIMPUR: The people of Lakhimpur celebrated Rongali Bihu with great fun across the district. They, irrespective of their age, caste and creed, have been dipped into immense pleasure on the occasion, casually forgetting the turmoil and miseries of hardworking life. Setting all arrangement ready to celebrate the seven day long festival on the ‘Uruka’ on Friday, the people of the district observed the Goru Bihu on Saturday carrying out the tradition. The people of each village started ‘Husari’ and ‘Mukoli Bihu’ in the evening on the same day to perform it in every household. On Sunday, ‘Manuh Bihu’ was observed with full gaiety and fervor. On the other hand ‘Gosai Bihu’ was celebrated on Monday.