BJP candidate Queen Oja wins with over 57% vote share of the total electorate of Guwahati parliamentary constituency

Queen Oja


Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI: While BJP’s Queen Oja polled more than 57 per cent of the total electorate of Guwahati parliamentary constituency, 16 other candidates who tested their lucks in the constituency polled less than 43 per cent of the total votes polled.

According to ECI’s (Election Commission of India) own statistics, while Oja got 10,08,936 votes (which is 57.2 per cent of the total votes polled in the constituency), her nearest rival Bobbeeta Sharma of the Congress got 6,63,330 votes (37.61 per cent), Manoj Sarma of the Trinamul Congress got 10,141 votes (0.57 per cent), Avijit Chakraborty of the Bharatiya Gana Parishad got 2,351 votes (0.13 per cent), Sadek Ali of the Republic Party of India (A) got 3,650 votes (0.21 per cent), Pankaj Das of the Swama Bharat Party got 4,110 votes (0.23 per cent), Partha Pratim Baruah of Voter Party International got 2,590 votes (0.15 per cent), Mamoni Sarma of Purbanchal Janata Party (Secular) got 2456 votes (0.14 per cent), Rajib Kakati of Hindusthan Nirman Dal got 2122 votes (0.12 per cent), Ratul Kumar Choudhury of the SP got 2383 votes (0.14 per cent), Rubi Neog of the National Republican Congress got 2064 votes (0.12 per cent), Alimuddin Ahmed (Ind) got 2836 votes (0.16 per cent), Upamanyu Hazarika (Ind) got 21,193 votes (1.2 per cent), Utpal Borgohain (Ind) got 2753 votes (0.16 per cent), Junumoni Devi Khound (Ind) got 5483 votes (0.31 per cent), Faruk Ahmed Bhuyan (Ind) got 9044 votes (0.51 per cent), Shankha Sinha (Ind) got 7849 votes (0.45 per cent). As many as 10,466 voters (0.59 per cent) cast the NOTA option.