BJP to deal with population growth in minority concentrated districts

GUWAHTI, May 30: In an effort to deal with the frantic population growth of Muslims in the state, the Minority Morcha of the state BJP has decided to take an initiative in ten minority-concentrated districts of the state. The decision came after an office bearers’ meeting of the ruling party on Tuesday night at the party’s head office at Hengrabari in Guwahati. With an objective to expand party works in the minority areas, the BJP is gearing up to conduct a series of Minority Conference (Samaroh) in the next three months, besides highlighting a number of issues. “However, the primary focus would be given on the demographic engine,” said Minority Morcha president Muktar Hussain. The Samaroh will also highlight on the theme, child marriage and polygamy, which has been a long prevailing social malpractice among the Muslim community, Hussain added. Besides the ranks and file, the top brass of the party also attended the meeting.