BJP Youth Wing alleges government for politicizing teacher’s issue


SHILLONG, Feb 10: The Bharatiya Jata Yuva Morcha (BJP Youth Wing) Meghalaya, has alleged that the state government under the leadership of Mukul Sangma is politicising the issue concerning S.S.A. teacher’s salary and further stated that the Congress party is trying to create a policy of divide and rule, for running government affairs.

In this connection, Egenstar Kurkalang, State President, BJYM Meghalaya on Friday said, “This has become clear with the move of MUA-II government in which the education department has adopted a divisive policy of differentiating SSA teacher’s salary among trained teachers and untrained teachers, actually as per the norm of Central Government HRD ministry no such differences arise. The centre provides salary of Rs 19, 044 to Lower Primary school teachers and Rs. 20, 493 to Upper Primary school teachers.”

Stating that surprisingly the state government did not comply with the circulation order of HRD Ministry through Project Approval Board (PAB), he said, “Instead the state government adopt its own policy of corrupt practices by making differences among teachers based on the training which the state partially provided to a section of them  while  the majority of them to whom the state Government did not provide training their salary is going to be  reduced or deducted from Rs. 19,044 to Rs. 13,335 for L.P. school teachers And from Rs. 20493 to Rs 14392 U.P. school teachers respectively.”

According to him, the government did not providing training to all SSA teachers because of its corrupt tactic to divert the mind of the public.

He felt that the main purpose of the state government in adopting this strange policy is to divert the fund and to misuse the public money for other purpose.

The BJYM has demanded that the government should clarify that the remaining amount which is going to be deducted from the untrained teacher will be utilized to what purpose and under which head of account it will fall.

“We will not allow this habit of Congress government to misuse and divert central fund and central scheme,” he said.

He added, “We demand from the state government to stop immediately these unfair and corrupt practices and to ensure that all S.S.A scheme and project including teacher’s salary, books and uniform meant for students and also other facilities should be utilized accordingly in time.”

Kurkalang, however, said if the government fails to address the issue placed forward by them then the BJPM will have no other option but to approach the concern ministry.