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BJP’s crusade against corruption is mere eyewash: Saikia

‘Central government has increased NHM fund  by 20 per cent in other states while in Assam the Centre has slashed 17 per cent  fund’


GUWAHATI, Feb 16: Opposition leader Debabrata Saikia today alleged that BJP government’s so called ‘crusade against corruption’ is nothing but eyewash.

Addressing a press conference here, Saikia said, “Former APSC Chairman Rakesh Paul was arrested in APSC cash-for-job scam but no action has been taken against them, who got APSC jobs through unscrupulous means. Moreover, allegations of corruption have been reported in various departments.”

“We welcome the government if it takes steps against graft. We never patronize corruption,” Saikia said.

Slamming the State budget, he said that many schemes proposed by Fince Minister Sarma in the budget are only an announcement.

“These schemes are nothing more than announcement as no budget allocations have been made for many schemes,” said the Congress leader.

Saikia also accused the BJP-led State government of taking a “U-turn” on its pre-poll promise to the people of the State. “Before Assembly elections, BJP had promised that the jobs of all TET qualified teachers would be regularized, but now Education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has announced that there is no guarantee that every TET qualified candidate will get a job,” he said.

Saikia said that at a time when the State government time and again has made tall claims that the health care scerios in the State have been improved a lot, patient has died in the State due to lack of oxygen in 108 ambulance.

“Not only that, due to government policy, teachers have been frustrated and two teachers have already committed suicide,” Saikia said.

He further alleged that the Central government has increased tiol Health Mission (NHM) fund in other states by 20 per cent while in Assam the centre has slashed 17 per cent NHM fund in Assam.